Friday, 5 November 2021

Anyone for Migraine Tea?

Hello loyal migraine blog readers.  Here is a post that I started... um.  5 years ago and thought it was about time to finish.  Sorry.  Been rather busy.  But there are some more interesting stories and cures that I have tried recently so I decided to resurrect the ol' blog.  Good to have you all back :-D

I know that I am a gluten for punishment.  Call me crazy but I thought that I should try acupuncture again.  It's been a while since I had any needles stuck in me so what's the worst that can happen.

I want to do go authentic this time so I walk into the centre of Manchester to the Chinese quarter to find an acupuncturist shop that looked like the real deal.  In I go and get an appointment.  But the appointment didn't turn out quite like I had expected.  I was psyched up ready to have lots of lovely needles stuck in me, not my favourite pass-time, and he said no.

Um, sorry what?  I want to pay for acupuncture please?
"No, you have had it before so I prescribe tea."

Now, let me think, needles v's a nice cuppa.  No competition.  So I let my slight disappointment disappear and replaced it with slight shock at how much a pot of tea could cost.

Looking at the ingredients (shown on the pic) this certainly wasn't any normal cup of tea.  So I could forgive them the cost.  Plus I was going through a particularly bad patch to anything was worth a try (I'm sure you know how that feels).

The instructions were quite easy.  Brew it in a saucepan for 20 minutes.  I could add a dash of honey for taste but that was it.  A full mug, twice a day.

And that would cure my migraines.


What could possibly go wrong?

Ok, so nothing actually went wrong.

It had a distinct taste of mud.  Disclaimer, I haven't actually eaten mud, but you get the idea.  It was very... earthy and bitter and strangely looked like mud and even more strangely, for tea, had the slight gritty consistency of mud.

Ah, but the big question, did it cure the migs?

In a word... No.  I stuck with it for the whole 2 week treatment.  No amount of honey could cover the bitterness so I waited for it to cool and drank it as fast as I could.  I was assured that I would need no further treatment and 2 weeks of mud tea would clear the pain.  But nothing.  No change.  Still getting them.

In fact, if you remember my post of the miracle cure for migs, Click here to read it though, a cracking good read if I say so myself... (not that any of you will as it was posted over 10 years ago).  Essentially that post described my personal discovery that coffee helps migraines.  The point here is that a simple cup of coffee helps them better than mud tea.

As always. this post isn't meant to put anyone off this cure.  If drinking Chinese tea helps your migs then go for it.  It's just that, as per usual, it didn't help me.  The search goes on..!

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