Friday, 2 December 2016

Cefaly Take 2

My apologies to you all for the delay in following this up.  The Cefaly didn't really work for me and I decided last year to take a break from other treatments for a bit.  Here is a brief part two of my Cefaly experiment from much earlier in the year.

After my rather traumatic experience of the preventative mode on the Cefaly, I decided to give the company a ring to see what went wrong.  A rather nice lady called back telling me to keep it on a lower level until I get used to it as sometime it take a while to get used to the sensation.  So, that evening I placed the device on my forehead and hit the go button twice.  After two minutes I felt a migraine appear above my right eye.  It takes twelve minutes to reach maximum intensity so only being able to get up to two minutes is a bit rubbish of me really.

I tried it a few more times on various levels and settings, but struggled to get very far with it and if anything, my resistance seemed to be reducing rather than increasing.  After a couple of weeks of this I contacted the company and was told that I could return the machine to them for a full refund.  It sounded like this happens a lot so I am grateful to them for providing the service.

I have to stress that Cefaly works very well for a lot of people.  But, it seems, like most if not all of the treatments that I try... it didn't work for me!


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