Thursday, 28 February 2013

To B or not to B

Apparently that is the question.  And the answer, for me, was not to B.  You see, I went to the neurologist yesterday for my second Botox treatment.  It took me ages to get psychologically prepared for the event as last time it hurt and this time I was getting a higher dose so anticipated it hurting more.

So I turn up and complete the progress forms listing days of headaches.  The neurologist took one look at it, glanced up at me, sighs slightly to himself and says:
"Sorry but I don't think that a second dose of Botox will do anything for you."  If you read back through the last 3 or 4 blog posts you will see that the Botox didn't do anything much for me the first time.  It is the neurologists opinion, based on his experience, that if it didn't work the first time, then it won't work the next time.  Oh the ever so slight disappointment of not having to be injected over 30 times.

So what happens next?

I asked him about hypnosis and about allergy tests.  He said that whilst hypnosis can cure pain, migraines are a slightly different kind of pain.  And allergy tests won't really answer anything as I am best off going on a very simple diet for a few weeks to see if that helps.  Actually, that second one doesn't seem like a bad idea.  I might store it and try it out one day when I can get my head around what a simple diet would consist of.  Anyone???

So what did he suggest?  Well the first one was Sodium Valproate.  Try it for a few months and see how it goes.  I tried to tell him of my previous failed attempts and scares with medicated preventatives, but he still thought it worth a go.  Apparently they use Sodium Valproate a lot in countries like Germany as a first attempt at preventing migraines, but not in this country.  I wonder why?

Oh the duck is made out of sodium.  I hope that Theodore doesn't mind me using the picture but it is so cute, in a sort of scary way...? Apparently if you throw it into a pond it will explode.  Don't try this at home folks, or at least keep it away from any real ducks as they might get a little traumatised after seeing a sodium likeness explode in front of their little eyes (I almost called this blog post "the way of the exploding duck").

I digress.  He did have more suggestions.  The second medication he suggested is one which I am glad that I can't remember the name of.  I would need liver tests and lung tests and regular blood tests.  I think not!  Let's hope that I never get bad enough to consider it!

We are going to try his second proper suggestion after the sodium (oh aren't I full of confidence).  That is an occipital nerve block.  This involves a local anaesthetic and a steroid injected into the back of the head.  Yes I know that it is more injecting, but this time it will be only one... I think.  I actually signed up for a trial using this treatment in Leicester a few years ago but never heard anything back about it.  I won't go into too many details now as I will save that for when I use it.

Oh ok then...
IF I ever use it.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pain v's Pain

Here is an interesting question to put to you.  Which is your best type of pain?  And yes, I know that the first answer will be "the type we don't get", but I'm sorry as that just isn't an option.  Way back when, I wrote about how being ill stops my migraines from appearing (  It hasn't happened for a while, but last week, whilst on holiday, I got a familiar twinge in my right foot.  My other arch nemesis arthritis was threatening to make an unwelcome reappearance.  I haven't had a bad attack for a good two years so didn't think to take my meds with me.

Lesson learned.

The hard way.

Have you ever tried pushing a pram containing an exhausted nearly 3 year old up a steep hill at the Zoo after having walked all day on a foot which sends pain searing up your leg every time you put it down?  But did you hear me complain dear reader?  Complain?  Me?  Ok I did a bit but it reeeaaally hurt.

But it wasn't all bad.  No, not at all.  The good news was that my migraines disappeared.  Four blissful days with no migraine and with no background pain.  I haven't had such a luxury for over 6 months.  Reading back at my previous post I said that I preferred the migraine pain to any other pain.  Is it too late to take that back?  Oh go on, please let me.  So to answer my original question... give me excruciating foot pain any day of the week over migraines!

Why?  Well, foot pain is just foot pain.  It hurts and you limp a bit.  Whereas with migraines, you get the pain and the sick feeling, and maybe get a bit grumpy due to the chemical imbalance in your head, can't concentrate, light hurts, I'm sure that I don't need to go on as you will have experienced these and many more in the past.

Sadly the foot meds have kicked in (ehem) and my foot is slightly better.  I say "sadly" because this means that the migs are back again.  So now I have two areas of pain to occupy my poor befuddled mind.  Sometime you feel that you just can't win whatever you do.

Still, my next Botox appointment is just one week away and I am rather looking forward to it... If you can look forward to being pierced 35 times with a needle.  Um, someone remind me why I am doing this again?   Oh yes, it will cure my migs.  Ok now say it like you believe it.... it WILL get rid of my migraines.