Thursday, 20 December 2012

Botox for Chronic Migraine Sufferers

Maggie is promoting this cause and I think that it is worth a look for all people with migraines or even if you just believe in the cause.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Botox for Migraines - The Results, part 1

I had Botox treatment for my migraines nearly 3 weeks ago ( and it's time to report back on how it went.

So let's start from where we left off.  At the end of my last post I reported that I had a migraine threatening to come out.  Well the bad news is that it did turn into a full migraine.  The good news is that following a triptan it disappeared within 15 minutes.  This is much better than the normal reaction I get to taking triptans. Normally the migraine will get worse and then about an hour later I realise that it is fading and has gone.  As I was told that the effects of the Botox could take up to 2 weeks to fully work, I saw this as a really good sign that it was working.

Day two was clear which was also a good sign.  At that point I was getting 25 days of pain ever 30 with 15 of them being migraines and the others just being background pain.  I was long overdue a clear day by this point as I had just gone 11 days straight with either background or migraine, so this wasn't conclusive proof that the Botox had worked, but certainly another good sign.

Day three and a migraine was forcing it's way out, but it disappeared before it really started.  Day four was another clear day so we are down to 23 days of pain and 13 migraine in the last 30.  This is starting to look good.  I was getting a little excited that this might actually work.  I mean, I had only been waiting for the treatment for the last 14 months.

Day five and another migraine trying to get out only this time it succeeds.  Strangely it is on my left side again, just like the last one.  This is unusual as most of my migs are on the right.  I hate left sided ones as I am not used to dealing with the pain on that side.  It's funny how your body adjusts to cope with situations.  The other strange this about this migraine is that it was all in my shoulders and not so much in my head.  My wife offered to massage them as this often helps to relieve the pain.  But, the second she touched my shoulders, I hit the roof!  Wow they was sensitive.  A sort of buzzing, bruised pain.

The good news was the the triptan got rid of it really quickly again.  The bad news was that the next day  I got another really sensitive shoulder pain, but not quite migraine.  A nurofen took the pain away which made a nice change as usually, normal over the counter medications never touch my migraines, so again, this wasn't such a bad development.

That is until the migraines didn't stop coming.  The shoulder pain thankfully died down, but was replaced with my normal migraines.  Let's fast forward 2 weeks to today and I am up to 28 days of pain out of 30 with 14 being migraines.  Interesting that the migraines are slightly down and it is the background pain that is up.  The only thankful thing is that my migraines don't incapacitate me.  I am still able to function, most of the time, if a little groggier and so I have been told, at time a little more grumpy.  But at least I don't have to lie in a darkened room with a flannel over my head, and I have heard of those who do!

I put a call in to the doctor last week and his secretary told me that he was away until today so she will speak to him to see if there is anything that he can suggest that might help until I can have the treatment again.  Oh yes dear reader, I am not giving up that easily.  Attempt one may have dismally failed, but the next time they can up the dose and I am going in armed with more information.  I can't have the next treatment for 3 months after the first, so I have until the end of February to wait, so stay tuned until then and I will update you...

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